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18th January 2022



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Questions to ask When Evaluating A Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier

  • Why is your company selling Malpractice?
  • How long has your company been operating in this state and
    have they ever left?
  • Do you operate in other states and if so, have you ever left other
  • How many health care providers does your company insure right
  • How many medical malpractice cases has your company closed?
  • How many of those closed cases did your company win?
  • What is your company’s expense ratio?
  • Does your company utilize independent insurance agents?
  • What types of medical malpractice insurance coverage does your
    company provide?
  • Is your company offering the same type of coverage I have now?
  • Are your current financial results and overall financial condition
    available to me at any time?


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